Zeehond (Grey Seal) Viskussen

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Zeehond (Grey Seal) Viskussen

Handgemaakte Gaby kussen / knuffel in de vorm van een levensechte Zeehond (Grey Seal) afmeting is 36cm en is in dit geval de kleine uitvoering.


  • 36cm groot
  • Handgemaakt
  • By: Gaby

Halichoerus grypus

The Grey Seal is a species of large seal of the Phocidae, or “true seal” family, found abundantly along the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea coasts.Its preferred habitat are rocky shorelines, though it heads out onto open water to feed on fish, molluscs and cephalopods.Grey Seals live in small herds comprising of a dominant male and several females. As their name suggests, their coloration consists of grey or dark-grey backs,with cream colored bellies. Grey Seals can slow down their heartbeat while diving, to reduce oxygen use and prolong their dives.

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