Mares Genius Duikcomputer

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Mares Genius
■ New ZH-L16c algorithm with gradient factors and predictive
■ Nitrox and Trimix capable, up to 5 gases
■ Full color high-resolution display
■ Full tilt digital compass with bearing memory and stopwatch
■ Hoseless tank data integration for up to five transmitters
■ Color coded tank pressure for at-a-glance readability
■ Bottom timer mode with resettable average dept hand stopwatch
■ Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
■ Billiant logbook with multiple graphs
■ Logbook capacity more than 1000 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate
■ Smart battery management system with 40 hours divetime per full charge
■ Bluetooth connection for direct connection to smartphone
■ Night mode function
■ Map viewing function during the dive
■ Tissue saturation graph with detailed information
■ Underwater menu allows certain settings to be changed during the dive
■ Future deco and runaway deco alarm (proprietary)

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