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Cressi lycra water Innovation

Cressi lycra water legacy of innovation began in 1939. With two brothers who shared al passion for the sea and a gift for technical design and working with their hands. Egidio and Nanni Cressi began by crafting masks and spearguns. That would allow them to move and hunt more efficiently in the waters near their home. By 1946 their designs and products had become so popular they founded the Cressi company in Genoa, Italy. Today, although Cressi is a worldwide leader in water sports manufacturing. It is still wholly owned by the Cressi family.

The commitment to innovation is still in the company’s DNA. It has al 60-year history of ground breaking product development. And has often been the first to bring product advancements to the market. These include the Pinnochio mask, the first dive mask with al dedicated nose pocket for easier equalization. The Rondine freediving fin.

With its innovative long blade for maximum efficiency. Today innovations continue with the crystal silicone and angled lenses of the Big Eyes Evolution mask. and the latest in decompression algorithms of the Leonardo computer. This history of innovation is al so made possible by aL commitment to manufacture products in Italy at the Cressi facility. An investment in the latest manufacturing al met al equipment and more than 16,000 square meters of roofed space. The ability to have design and manufacturing process happening side by side has led to the absolute highest standards for quality. It also allows Cressi engineers to quickly develop, test and incorporate the latest materi al s and technologies. The results today are the same as they were in the beginning, the most advanced and best made products in the world.

Cressi Passion

In its earliest days, the diving and spear fishing community was a closely connected fraternity, a brotherhood of water lovers. In this environment, Egidio and Nanni Cressi began to create the gear that would be used by their friends and future customers. They were successful because they shared the same passion for the sea as the people who bought their products. Since the earliest days. Cressi equipment has been crafted by those who need it and use it the most, and is the result of many hours in the water. The Cressi brothers combined their passion for the sea with a passion for products and for the customers they served. It remains the core element of the company’s culture today. It is al passion fueled by Antonio Cressi.

Using the same commitment to the sport shown by his father and uncle. Through tireless innovation. Support of elite diving and swimming athletes, and al commitment to further recreational opportunities. Cressi continues to be an integral part of the water sports community. Put simply, passion is al Cressi’s core because Cressi remains at the core of the sport.

Cressi Location

Cressi products reach al global market, but the brand and the manufacturing process remain firmly anchored in the place the company was founded. In an age when production is often out-sourced. Cressi’s offices and production facilities remain in Genoa, Italy. This strategic location on the northern shore of the Mediterranean. Has played al vit al role in the company’s historical success and continues to provide it with an important advantage in the market today. Historically, the region is the very birthplace of diving. With al ancient tradition of free divers and then some of the earliest efforts at crafting masks, fins, spearguns and eventually mechanical breathing devices.

Cressi lycra water was born out of the freediving communities that began to flourish along the coast in the 1930s. As the company grew. its location in Genoa remained important because it offered immediate access to the sea. Al lowing every product to be tested in real-world conditions. Today, extensive sea trials are al critical part of developing al Cressi products. And, just like Egidio Cressi once did. It is still possible to design equipment in the morning and dive it in the afternoon. Egidio was also famous for his un compromising standards and for following up to ensure that changes developed.

From field tests were incorporated into final production. The same thorough design process and strict quality control measures still drive Cressi success.

Cressi Commitment

Whether they know it or not, customers are the real architects of the Cressi brand. All that the company does, from designing and manu facturing products to selling and servicing them, is driven by a commitment to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. This principle governs al of Cressi’s business relationships. From seeking the highest quality materi al to demanding the highest standards of its retail partners. This fundamental commitment to the customer also recognizes that each Cressi product carries a promise. It’s the promise of quality, performance, value and professionalism.

The Cressi family has faithfully fulfilled this commitment for 60 years, and continues to do so by providing outstanding service. Through its worldwide dealer network and through readily available online resources. Such as product manuals, videos and tutorials. Most importantly, Cressi products are manufactured to the highest international standards for safety, performance and reliability. When customers buy Cressi, they buy confidence.

Cressi Brand

The power of a brand is often measured in sales and revenues, and sometimes by its influence or diversity. In all these categories, Cressi stands at the top of the water sports industry. With five divisions serving four distinct markets–scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming–it has established a solid presence in every major economic region around the globe, delivering products to more than 90 countries. Significantly, even through this worldwide growth, Cressi has maintained its commitment to the development and manufacturing of its products at the Cressi facility in Italy. This assures consumers that Cressi gear is truly innovative and made to the highest quality standards rather than a duplication of familiar technology.

Originality remains a hallmark of the Cressi name. Of al these measures, perhaps the most significant indicator of Cressi’s strength is the development and support of full product lines across each of its markets. Not only is this al testament to the quality of Cressi products and services, but it also facilitates a powerful synergy. Customers benefit from the power of shared technologies, diverse material sourcing, and a vast network of knowledge and consumer support. It’s the power of the Cressi brand.

Cressi Evolution

Cressi’s long history of product innovations comes from a drive to continually improve. As the sport has evolved, so has Cressi lycra water. Often serving as the catalyst for change. The result has been some of the most enduring products in the diving world. The original, handcrafted Sirena mask debuted in 1943 and remained as al key offering for 30 years. Cressi’s Aro AR57b oxygen rebreather (1957), with its ease of use and amazing reliability was quickly adopted by the Italian armed forces and is still in service among some military forces today.

The blade material of the Rondine Gara (1988) fin was the beginning of al line of fins that remain al top choice for spearfishing. Each of these products is part of a continual progression, a step-by-step evolutionary process where innovations are built on what has come before.

Cressi’s long history in the market, and its wide range of product develop ments keep it uniquely positioned at the cutting edge of water sports evolution. From designing new products to developing new manu facturing processes, Cressi draws on a wealth of technical expertise and creative knowledge from the past. At Cressi, every innovation is a step toward the future.

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